The sport of Target Shooting, and the interpretation of any rule, is governed and conditioned by the SPIRIT OF SPORTSMANSHIP.

Whilst every endeavour has been made, in drafting these rules, to ensure that the competitors know what is required of them, the spirit and intention of each rule must be apparent and obvious and will, therefore, be the guiding principle of the Association in considering any infringement. NSRA Foreword.


The League shall be called the ISLE OF MAN RIFLE ASSOCIATION INDOOR LEAGUE or a name agreed with a sponsor.



All Association Matches shall be shot under the NSRA rules except as otherwise provided for in these rules.


Entries for the League Competition shall only be entertained from affiliated Rifle Clubs.


The League shall start no later than the third week in October and shall finish no later than the first week in April.


The League shall consist of three divisions.


In a match between clubs up to seventeen members shall form the team. The highest five scores shall count for the first division, the next five highest shall count for the second division, the next five highest shall count for the third division and the lowest two scores shall be counted out.


In a match between clubs where one or both is unable to form a full team of seventeen members, all members present (up to a maximum of seventeen) are still permitted to compete in the match. The team scores shall be arranged as in 2.2.5 above as far as numbers permit and regardless of the number of members in the opposing team.


A team is permitted to have up to two reserves present at the match. A reserve cannot be included in the team unless the captain of the opposing team is advised of their inclusion, the score board is amended and the team still has no more than seventeen members. Any card shot by a reserve prior to their inclusion in the team cannot be counted towards the team score.


NSRA Standard fifteen yard cards shall be used on a fifteen-yard range. Unlimited sighting shots per card shall be permitted.


Competitors shall not be permitted to return to the sighter after the card has been started.


League fixtures shall be arranged at the first meeting of the Executive Committee as soon as convenient (normally within one week) after the Annual General Meeting.  This meeting shall be called The Fixtures Meeting.


The Clubs in the league shall shoot one home and one away match with each other. Two points shall be awarded to each club for a win and one for a draw.

In the event of two or more Clubs completing the season with the same number of points for the first division title, the title shall be decided by a shoot off. Seven members shall constitute a team in this event, the best five scores to count.

In the event of two or more clubs completing the season with the same number of points for the second or third division title, the club with the highest aggregate score shall be deemed the winner. If there should be a tie in both the number of points and on aggregate the title shall be shared.


After the fixture list has been arranged, any alteration of dates for matches must have the approval of the Postponement Committee.

Except in cases of inclement weather, application to postpone a match must be received seventy-two hours before the date of the match (excluding Sundays) by the Secretary of the Association, stating the reason why the postponement is desired. The Postponement Committee shall decide whether the match should be postponed and if agree, shall, with the agreement of both clubs concerned, fix the new date. In the event of inclement weather, both clubs representatives shall mutually agree an alternative date and inform the Secretary of the Association for approval by the Postponement Committee.

All communications on the postponement of matches must be made by the respective Club Secretaries to the Association Secretary and no communication shall be permitted by any parties to the Postponement Committee other than through the Association Secretary.

Any Club failing to contact the Secretary of the Association when required to, as laid down in Rule 2.2.12, or any Club failing to obey a directive of the Postponement Committee shall have their match concerned declared void.


No Match shall commence later than 8.00pm. Ranges shall be open from 7.30pm. These times notwithstanding, it shall be incumbent on all clubs to commence matches at the earliest possible time and to open their ranges accordingly.

In the event of any Club failing to shoot on a date arranged, (except in the event of inclement weather, in which case applies) the opposing Club shall be deemed to have won the match by default, provided that the two officials of such opposing Clubs are present at the range on which the match is to be shot, at the latest time which the match should commence, i.e. 8.00pm. At the conclusion of this time the members of the team with the opposing club shall, on the same night, shoot their cards on their home range. The cards shall be forwarded to the Competition Secretary for scoring.


Before a match commences the Club Captain or other representative shall write the names of the members of his teams on the front of the requisite number of match cards and on the score board.

Only a match card complying with these rules and issued or approved under rule shall be used in any match.


Matches shall be shot on a shoulder to shoulder basis. Firing points available must be used by any member of either team at all times.


All matches shall be completed in the shortest possible time.


The specified number of scoring shots in a League Match card shall be ten.


All match details shall consist of a maximum of ten minutes, to include unlimited sighters and ten scoring shots. The time shall be called out at 5,7,8,9 minutes and then "Cease Fire" called. The detail will be timed from the moment the Range Officer gives the order to commence firing. No rifle shall be loaded before the range officer gives the order to commence firing. Any shots fired after ten minutes shall not count.


A Coach or Range Officer shall not be eligible to be a Marker or Scrutineer.


All match cards in a league match shall be shot on the same night and on the same range. If a match cannot be completed because of Force Majeur it shall be declared void and a new date shall be fixed by the Postponement Committee with the agreement of both clubs.


Only definers authorised by the NSRA shall be used.


Members of either team intending to shoot shall be present at the range no later than 10.15pm. or they shall be excluded from the match unless otherwise agreed by both captains.


The home team must provide:

A Range Officer who is fully conversant with the rules.

A nominated marker/scrutineer.

A marking table with adequate lighting not more than 75cm above the table.

A marking board made in such a manner as to allow only the scoring area of shot targets to be seen.

An authorised definer.

Adequate facilities for the opposing team coaches to "spot" competitors on the range.

An accurate timing device.

A sufficient supply of match cards.

All cards for use during a match shall be issued immediately prior to commencement of the match by the Home Team subject to Rule 2.2.8 (if applicable)

Each such card shall be uniform in shape, size and appearance and have no distinguishing marks whatsoever from any other card proposed to be used in the match.

All sighters on cards must be appended in a uniform manner.

Unless it shall be agreed by both Captains, or in the absence of a Captain a representative of the appropriate team, only cards supplied and issued by the Home Team may be used in the relevant match.

Any objection to any card supplied and issued by the Home Team must be made to the Captain or representative of the Home Team prior to any card being shot.

If after consultation with the respective nominated scrutineer/marker of both teams the objection is not withdrawn or resolution of the objection not agreed then the matter shall be referred to the Range Officer whose decision, subject to Rule, shall be accepted for the purposes of the relevant match.


The opposing team must provide:

If required, A4 envelopes for protests.

A nominated scrutineer/marker.

An observer to accompany the Range Officer, unless the opposing team indicates that it is content for the Range Officer to be unaccompanied.


After a card has been shot the Range Officer, and/or the observer where appropriate, shall collect the cards from the butts and place them in a container, visible to both teams, awaiting collection by the markers. Under no circumstances may these cards be touched by anyone with the exception of the Range Officer or marker until the match is over and the result declared.

No match card which has been shot in compliance with the Rules may be withdrawn from competition after it has been collected or otherwise been taken into possession by the Range Officer in accordance with Rule 2.2.25.


A team shall not be allowed more than one coach or spotter per shooter on the range at any one time. All such coaches or spotters must conduct themselves in such a manner as not to disturb other shooters.


All requests by the Range Officer must be complied with.


No competitor shall be disciplined for obeying a Range Officer's request.


All target holders must display the cards with the centre of the card 60 cms. from the mean level of the firing point, plus or minus 5% and targets must be placed with the printing upright.


Prior to marking, shot cards must be shuffled face down in such a way that the names of the shooters on the face of the cards remain hidden.The cards must then be marked alternatively by the markers in batches of 5 using a marker frame which keeps the identity of the shooter hidden during the process.


A marker shall not mark more than five cards in sequence. Each club shall nominate a marker before a match begins. If the nominated marker is not available for marking, the captain or representative shall nominate an alternative marker.


The person scrutinising the cards shall not be allowed to use a definer. The definer, when used, must be placed in the shot hole by the marker.


Before a match is declared, a request for any protests shall be made.

Should any shooter desire to protest against the scoring of any card notice of such protest must be given to the Markers. The card shall thereupon be placed untampered within a sealed A4 envelope (unfolded). The seal shall be signed by both markers.

The disputed card shall be received by the Competition Secretary no later than four days after the match and shall be settled by the Competition Committee within eight days of the match. The marker or captain of both clubs shall be invited to attend.

A protest or challenge fee, which shall be fixed by the Executive Committee at the beginning of each season, shall be deposited with the Competition Secretary for every protest, dispute or appeal submitted. In the case of protests dealing with counting, every card, the subject matter of a protest, shall be treated as a separate protest for the purpose of the rule. The protest fee shall be forfeited if the protest fails.

Where a protest has been lodged the result of the match shall not be declared until the protest has been determined. No protest shall be considered after the match has been declared.

If the Captain or a representative of any team is not satisfied with the Range Officer's ruling under the proviso to Rule or the Captain or representative or any shooter is dissatisfied or challenges the validity of any score or match card other than by way of a protest under Rule then such Captain or representative or shooter shall report any such concern to the Secretary of the relevant Member Club who shall thereupon inform in writing the President of the Association who shall be entitled to directly or indirectly carry or cause to be carried out any proper enquiry and may refer the matter to the Competition Committee whose decision shall be final and binding or to the Competition Committee requesting a recommendation be made to the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final and binding.


If any club shall withdraw from the League before the end of the season all points scored for or against such team shall be void. In such a case individual scores shall not be affected for Association competitions.


The Secretary of a club having a team competing in the League shall send to the Assistant Competition Secretary notification of the result of each home match immediately on conclusion of such match so as to arrive within 48 hours of the conclusion of the match.


Should a bullet leave the barrel and for any reason whatsoever not hit the intended card the competitor shall lose the potential value of the shot. Should the competitor then fire at his own card more than the balance of shots allowed his card shall be disqualified.


Any question of construction of these rules and any point not provided for shall be dealt with by the Competition Committee pending Executive Committee approval which shall be final.

 In the event of a dispute between individuals and/or teams, the dispute shall be submitted in writing and be dealt with by the competition committee.If the competition committee cannot agree a resolution, the matter shall be put to the Executive Committee whose decision will be final. Individuals or teams concerned shall be excluded from deciding a dispute in both the Competition Committee and the Executive Committee.


These rules shall continue in force until such time as the Executive shall amend or rescind them.


Conduct of Shooting

A competitor may spot for him/herself with the aid of a telescope which shall be completely separate from the rifle.

A competitor may only use equipment which is permitted under NSRA Rules and Regulations. No other object which provides any form of artificial support shall be permitted

A coach shall be permitted but he/she may not load, adjust sights or touch the rifle in any way.

Under no circumstances may any rifle be loaded except at the firing point, or be taken from the firing point loaded, or be fired in any direction other than at the butts

No rifle shall be loaded before the Range Officer has given the order to commence firing.

No competitor may handle a rifle or adopt a firing position whilst anyone is at the butts.


Discreditable conduct and failure to observe rules. A competitor or team infringing any part of these rules, or proven guilty of any dishonest, discreditable or dangerous conduct in shooting is rendered liable to disqualification and/or to suspension from taking part in any further Association competitions. Any competitor, club or witness conniving in such conduct renders him/herself liable to similar penalties.

Any person failing to report immediately to the Association any breach of the rules which is known or suspected also renders him/herself liable to similar penalties.


A Junior is any competitor aged under eighteen years on the 1st of October of each season.