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14 January 2019

Port power past Castletown with top performance

Paul Clague and Ethan Keirnan led the way as Port St Mary dropped just nine points in their island derby against Castletown.

Not to be outdone, Ryan Forrest and Ben Kelly were hard on their heels with 98s while, for the visitors from Castletown, Richard Arthur and Nigel Christian were the top scorers with 96s.

Port swept to wins in all three divisions.

No official score sheet or legible record of the scores was provided by either team for this match, but Tom Pirson of PSM did a valliant job of transcribing the scores and emailing them over to the news and website team, so individual and team records on the Results page could be updated. Many thanks to Tom for his efforts.

Reinvigorated Sandsiders fall to superb Sulby

Sulby continued their title charge with a scintillating victory at St John's against Sandsiders.

Buoyed by five shooters for once, the ever-reliable Steve Callus was the home side's top scorer with 97 but for Sulby it was Julian Teare who hit a 99 to lead the way to a big win. Mark Cain hit 97 with Will Quayle, Teddy Sayle and Peter Faragher all on 96s.

Kirk Michael outgunned by Douglas

Douglas dished out no less than three 99s against Kirk Michael, with Sam Jones, Matt Roosen and Martin Burns close to hitting perfect scores on a good night for the St John's side, while Mark Osborn had an excellent night, leaving the firing point with a 97 and a big smile on his face.

For the second week, veteran Kevin Quinn was the top gun for Kirk Michael thanks to a 97.

7 January 2019

Superb Sulby sink Port St Mary in tight match

Sulby's form showed no sign of fading as they edged out Port St Mary by just two points. The home side led the way in Division One with three 98s from Will Quayle, Julian Teare and Peter Webb.

The visitors made their point with wins in Division Two and Three, though on a night which saw a welcome return to match night for Sulby's Jess Clague after a hiatus of several years. Almost every piece of equipment she needed to take part was begged or borrowed and she notched a creditable 93. Hopefully this will be the first of many appearances...

Castletown cruise past Kirk Michael

John Brewis was the top scorer for Castletown with 98 on a night when Kirk Michael were not embarrassed but simply outgunned. Kevin Quinn notched a great 97 and Perryn Watson and Alex Trafford hit 96s.

Douglas leave Laxey pointless

Martin Burns was the top gun for Douglas. His 98 was matched by Gemma Kermode and Harry Creevy but the visitors were unable to keep up and Douglas took wins in both divisions.

19 December 2018

Kermode cracks the perfect hundred as Laxey crush Castletown

Gemma Kermode was the star of a strong Laxey performance as she scored 100 in this excellent win over the much larger Castleown team at Laxey Glen. Harry Creevy was hot on Gemma's heels with 99 while John Wood produced a steady 96.

Richard Arthur was top gun for Castletown with 97 and John Brewis and John Paul Bridson on 96. Castletown took the Divisions Two and Three matches due to weight of numbers.

Strong Sulby surge past Kirk Michael

Sulby continued their recent strong league form with an easy win over near-neighbours Kirk Michael. Mark Cain was the top scorer on the night with 99 and 98s from both Mark Boyde and Julian H Teare.

For the home side, young Noah Mayne scored 97 and Suzanne McKnight 95, but the visitors swept the board in all three divisions.

Kelly crafts straightforward win for Port St Mary

Ben Kelly unleashed a superb 99 as Port St Mary powered past Sandsiders. A strong performance from the home side saw their entire Division Two line-up record 96s and they won all three matches at a canter. Steve Callus was the top gun for the visitors with a 96.

The winter league now takes a break for the festive season and resumes on January 7.

Away from the Island meanwhile, Kirk Michael have begun their campaign for glory in the 2018-2019 Scottish Target Shooting Team Prone competition. With wins over Steeple A (Dundee) and a walkover victory over the Division Three "bogey" side, the team of Suzanne McKnight, Noah Mayne, Chris Mayne and Perryn Watson resumed from where Kirk Michael left off last season. The highlights of those wins were a 99 from Suzanne and a 97 from Noah Mayne.

12 December 2018

Sharon Drysdale hits the hat-trick with her latest ton

It seems Sharon Drysdale can do no wrong, for she scored her third 100 of the season for Douglas as they won this winter league match in Castletown. Sharon must like this range, as she shot her previous "possible" in the WS Cowin competition at the same venue.

Team-mate Matthew Roosen kept up his recent fine form with a 99 and Martin Burns scored an excellent 98.

Meanwhile, for the home side, John Brewis, the delighted guinea pig for St John's new 15-yard Sius electronic target set-up where he scored a 99 in his first test, came close to matching that feat on old-school paper targets when he hit a 98 for Castletown. There were also 96s from Richard Arthur and Nigel Christian while Rhian Masson hit 95.

Douglas had wins in division two as well but the Division Three match-up was a remarkable draw between Neil Masson and Paul Perkins.

Superb Sulby squeak a win against unlucky Laxey

Sulby continued their run of success, on their home range this time, with victory over Laxey. Will Quayle, Julian H Teare and Orry Teare were the top guns for Sulby, all with 98s, while Laxey fought on with 98s from Harry Creevy and John Wood and Gemma Kermode and Mark Riley had 97. All in all, it made for a tight match but in the end Sulby won Division One by just two nail-biting points. The home side took the honours in Divisions Two and Three by walkovers, however.

Kirk Michael win against plucky Sandsiders

Sandsiders provided the highest scores on the night, with Andy Traynor claiming top gun status on 97 but their limited numbers meant the result was never really doubt against a Kirk Michael team missing a few regulars for whom Noah Mayne, fresh off the boat from training in Wigan, scored 96.

Coaching update

It's been confirmed that Maria and Iain Malone, from the north of Scotland, will visit the island on February 15 2019 to help put interested rifle shooters through the important NSRA Range Officer and Club Instructor courses.

5 December 2018

Port St Mary bring back the goods from Kirk Michael

Port St Mary won all three divisions on their road trip to Kirk Michael.

Shooting for the first time in the home club's refurbished range, Ben Kelly and Kevan Kneale scored 99s for Port as the first division team hit 490 out of a possible 500.

Kirk Michael were far from disgraced, with 97s from Perryn Watson and Noah Mayne.

Riley's on the up for Laxey

Laxey powered past Sandsiders with the help of a 99 from Harry Creevy and a great 98 from Mark Riley. A shotgun expert, Mark is coming on leaps and bounds at smallbore rifle shooting with coaching help from his team-mates. Andy Traynor was the top scorer for the visitors with 97.

Sulby snap up the pressure points against Douglas


Sulby secured a dramatic win over Douglas at St John's

The Division One victory, by just two points, was the result of a strong performance from Sulby's shooters with Mark Cain notching 99, backed up by 98s from Will Quayle, Julian Teare and Peter Webb along with Fergus Coulter on 96.

Sam Jones hit 100 for Douglas with David Humphrey on 97 and Sharon Drysdale, after great week hitting perfect scores, settling for 96.

28 November 2018

Sharon Drysdale bags WS Cowin Trophy

Fresh from her Winter League success, Sharon Drysdale won the WS Cowin trophy with another 100 in a night of drama at Castletown settled by regauging and she was thrilled to bits: 'Great comp... so close at the final adding to the excitement with regauge and regauge . I peaked a bit soon with the ton though and Will Q did tell me I’d better go on and win it haha. Very lucky on the night this time and I hope I’ve not used all the 100s for the season... there’s still a long way to go! 'And because I beat Matt by only a whisker... I have offered to buy him food as a consolation - he is my team mate after all and is having a really good season'

26 November 2018

Sharon Drysdale makes it Mission Possible for Douglas

A superb 100 from Sharon Drysdale helped Douglas to a big win over Sandsiders at their shared venue of the Sinclair Range.

'It was a good night for the team getting the win and a high scoring match,' commented Sharon.

'It’s just a pity for Sandsiders (with their) depleted numbers. Getting a 100 was a happy moment for me as they don’t come too often.

'My mum's pep talk (unrelated to shooting) about focussing on doing the best I can instead of seeking perfection was my mantra for each shot and helped to mentally cut off from tallying my score as I went... that may be coincidence but I’ll take that.'

Aided and ably abetted by Tracey Skelton - who continued her recent good form with 98 along with team-mate Martin Burns - the team simply overpowered the hamstrung opposition for whom Andy Traynor was their top scorer with 96. Douglas racked up victories in all three divisions with shooters to spare.

Sulby v Castletown

Sulby ventured down to Castletown with an under-strength team roster and found their opponents were a little under-strength too. Thus it was that the 99s from Will Quayle and Fergus Coulter proved pivotal. It must be said, though, that Sulby put in a strong performance and the hosts, with Richard Arthur the top scorer on 97 simply could not match the scores and suffered reverses in all three divisions.

Port St Mary Juggernaut continues against Laxey

Laxey had been on form of late but they came unstuck at home to the legions of Port St Mary. Thanks to no less than five 98s their first team, consisting of Ben Kelly, Paul Clague, Callum Grant, Ryan Forrest and Thomas Meakin (with his best league score so far this season) outgunned Laxey with the likes of Gemma Kermode and Harry Creevy shooting well but just not quite well enough to get a result.

Port's Sue Keown enjoyed a return to form with a sound 97 and Ashley Gardner and his son made a a decent pairing, albeit placed in the third team this time around.

19 November 2018

Sisters doing it for themselves for Douglas pull off great win at Port St Mary

Sharon Drysdale and Tracey Skelton were the top guns as IOMSC Douglas sprang a surprise on Port St Mary. They both notched 99s while Nick Brown, who has been in good form recently, was not far behind with 98.

The margin of victory was just four points. The top scorer for the home side on a long night in the range was Kevan Kneale with 98 and Port made up somewhat for their Division One loss with wins in the other two divisions.

Castletown cruise to win over Sandsiders

Nigel Christian led the charge with a 97 as Castletown pushed short-handed Sandsiders aside at St John's. Andy Traynor was the top scorer for the home side with a superb 98.

Gemma's gem is the jewel in the crown for Laxey

It's not just Harry Creevy who can notch the ton for Laxey - Commonwealth Games shooter Gemma Kermode did the trick for her club in this match and the rest of the top team delivered too on the trip to Kirk Michael.

It must be noted that the homesters were unfortunate not to get something more out of the evening than a six-point loss and their first division score of 480 does not tell the full story. There were 98s from Suzanne McKnight, Noah Mayne and Alex Trafford while Kevin Quinn recovered from a major mishap with his rifle in the range to score a very creditable 93 using another member's gun.

14 November 2018

Matthew Humphrey grabs Golden Jubilee win

It was a night for the island's top junior rifle shooters to shine at Port St Mary and Matthew Humphrey took the title with a superb 194 points out of a possible 200. Second was Thomas Meakin with 192. Rhian Masson came third with 191.

12 November 2018

Port St Mary win the day as superb scores edge out Castletown

Richard Arthur hit the magic 100 for Castletown but it was visitors Port St Mary who picked up a vital win by just two points on a night of excellent scoring from both sides. Richard's ton was so good that, according to the scorers, not a single shot had to be checked with a gauge. For the Port St Mary side, Juan Clague hit 99 while three others - Ben Kelly, Paul Clague and Callum Grant - nailed 98s. Ethan Kiernan followed up with a 97. In the the home side, Nigel Christian scored 99, while John Brewis hit 97 followed by Lauren Cooper and Henry Qualtrough who recorded 96s. It was also a close affair in the other divisions but Port notched the wins.

Joy for Julian as Sulby surge past Sandsiders

There was another 100 on the night as Julian Teare did the trick for Sulby against Sandsiders. Fergus Coulter was also on form with 99. For Sandsiders, with just four shooters to call upon, Andy Traynor was their top gun with 96 but Sulby picked up wins in all three divisions.

Deadly Douglas cruise past Kirk Michael

A powerful 489 from IOMSC Douglas was just too much for visitors Kirk Michael as both Matthew Roosen and Sharon Drysdale hit near-flawless 99s. For the away side newcomer Chris earned the bragging rights in the Mayne household with his 96 the top score for Kirk Michael, two points better than son Noah. Of course, the ever-improving Matthew Humphrey continues his good season for Douglas, his 96 three points better than dad David as the club recorded wins in all three divisions.

5 November 2018

Matthew and Harry hit hundreds at Laxey

Some remarkable scoring at Laxey Glen saw Harry Creevy score his third 100 of the season but Matthew Roosen did the same trick for Douglas and the visitors took the points in this winter league match in all three divisions.

Port St Mary power past Sulby

Ben Kelly was the top gun for Port with a 99 followed by a strong first-team showing with 98s from Callum Grant, Gary Knight and Eddie Maddrell. Teddy Sayle hit 98 for the visitors but they were simply out-gunned on the night in all three divisions.

Kirk Michael crushed by Castletown

A Kirk Michael side short on numbers had no answer to a rampant Castletown for whom Nigel Christian was the top scorer with a 99. Noah Mayne was on form again with a 97 for Kirk Michael but wins in all three divisions went to Castletown.

29 October 2018

The Half-Term break meant a welcome rest from the league matches, but left plenty of room for the 101 Challenge Cup, which was shot down at St Johns.

This pairs competition was won by Sharon Drysdale and Matthew Roosen of IOMSC Douglas. In the final Matt Roosen scored 97 and Sharon Drysdale 97 for a total of 194 and they beat the other IOMSC Douglas pairing of Nick Brown with 96 and Paul Perkins with 96 for a total 191.

22 October 2018

Ashley is flying after he hits the ton for powerful Port St Mary

Ashley Gardner scored a scintilating 100 as Port St Mary had a near-perfect performance against Sandsiders at St John's. Port dropped just six points against their opponents in Division One. Ashley's daughter Jackie hit 98 to make it a family affair with victories in all three divisions.

Laxey edged out by Castletown

Harry Creevy hit his second 100 of the season but Castletown were just too strong for the visitors from Laxey Glen, with 97s from Richard Arthur and John Brewis as they racked up wins in all the divisions.

Strong Sulby see off Kirk Michael

A powerful performance from Sulby saw off a revitalised Kirk Michael. 98s from Mark Boyde and Fergus Coulter led the way but there were no weak points in the Division One side. For the visitors, Kevin Quinn enjoyed a good night with his side's top score of 98, while Perryn Watson declared she had "rediscovered her mojo" with 97 along with Noah Mayne and his father Chris pulled off a good 95 too. Sulby recorded wins in all three divisions.

15 October 2018

Kirk Michael christen revamped range with win over Sandsiders

The first match at Kirk Michael had the smell of team spirit about it, or it could have just been the smell of fresh paint after months of renovation. Either way, it was a welcome victory for the home side after a pounding by Port St Mary in their opening fixture. Noah Mayne was top scorer for the home side and this may have made up somewhat for being unable to train in Wales due to bad weather. In addition, he had his father Chris shooting alongside him and the club hopes he will take part in more matches. Andy Traynor was the top gun on the night with 98 for the visitors and Tony Kneale hit 95. With limited numbers, though, it will be another testing season for Sandsiders.

Sulby surprise Laxey with fine show

Laxey have a new secret weapon in their ranks in the shape of highly skilled shotgun shooter Mark Riley and he has brought the season in with a bang - perhaps down to the report his top of the range RWS R50 ammo makes. Either way, he has shot well for the team so far.

Sulby managed to match Harry Creevy's 98 thanks to Teddy Sayle and the visitors' consistency earned them the win. Sulby had wins in all three divisions.

Douglas edge Castletown out in close match

Solid scores of 98 from Sharon Drysdale, Sam Jones and Nick Brown did the trick at St John's with Nigel Christian the top scorer for Castletown. There was a similarly close result in Division Two with the help of new junior Alex Denning but the visitors took the spoils in Division Three thanks to weight of numbers.

8 October 2018

Crafty Creevey comes up with the perfect reply to his critics

The first matches of the winter indoor league saw Laxey's Harry Creevey prove he's still got it when it counts, after leading his side to victory against IOMSC Sandsiders with a perfect 100. While he admits he doesn't score the ton "as often as he used to", Harry proved the naysayers wrong when they were asked to guess his score. With a sly grin, he revealed that they were all wrong...

Laxey's win was all the more impressive as the club were very short of shooters due to a variety of reasons and yet pulled it off at St John's. John Wood spun a grand score of 99 and Commonwealth Games shooter Gemma Kermode notched 98.

Much like last season, Sandsiders could only field four shooters and their best was Tony Kneale with 94.

Powerful Port leave Kirk Michael all at sea.

Port St Mary made short work of a Kirk Michael side who have yet to find their feet in the league. Ben Kelly was the top scorer for the home side with a near-perfect 99 while Perryn Watson was the top visitor with 95. Kirk Michael have been concentrating much of their energy refurbishing their range and it's to be hoped that will bear fruit soon.

Fergus in fine form as Sulby hold Douglas to a draw

There was an exciting draw at Sulby as Fergus Coulter was top gun with 99 while the visitors had three 97s in the top tier - Tracey Skelton, Matthew Humphrey and Matthew Burns.

2 October 2018

With less than a week to go until the start of the new season it's all hands to the pumps for a couple of league clubs in order to be ready for the first matches on 8 October. Kirk Michael are working hard to ensure major repair works to their range are complete, and Douglas and Sandsiders are getting down and dirty with technology as they install six new Sius electronic targets in their indoor range.

It promises to be an exciting season. The first week's matches see Subly host Douglas, Sandsiders host Laxey and Kirk Michael trek down to Port St Mary.

Watch this space for more news!

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